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Valley Forge Medical Center and Hospital inc.

Visitation Information

Phone Calls

Telephones are available for making outgoing and receiving incoming calls during certain times of the day that do not interfere with treatment. If there is an emergency please contact our main hospital number at 610-539-8500 for assistance. Other telephone calls may be arranged with the patient and their assigned counselor.


Please send mail to the patient's attention at:

Valley Forge Medical Center & Hospital, 1033 W. Germantown Pike, Norristown, PA 19403

For safety reasons, all mail received will be opened prior to being given to the patient.

Visitation Policy

Saturdays 1:00PM Arrival (no children please under 14)
1:30PM -2:30PM Family Group Session
2:30PM -4:00PM Open Visitations

Sundays & Holidays 1:00PM Arrival
1:30PM 2:30PM Family Group Session (no children please under 14)
2:30PM 4:00PM Open Visitation (Children Welcome)

Please Note: There is a mandatory education group for patients and families from 1:30pm -2:30pm on Saturday and Sunday. Visitors are asked arrive prior to 1:30pm to attend this mandatory session with the patient.