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El Programa Latino

Our Spanish Language Program

The Latino community in America is a diverse and growing population represented by many ethnicities. Some Latinos are Spanish-speaking only, others are bilingual, and still others are of Hispanic heritage who speak English exclusively. Language is considered a primary connection amongst Latinos, but can also become a barrier to accessing addiction treatment in the US. Unfortunately, few treatment programs exist for the Latino who speaks very little or no English, yet the need is great. NIDA reports that substance abuse rates in the Latino community are similar to those of the general US population. Valley Forge Medical Center & Hospital provides such a treatment program that is culturally sensitive, and offers hospital-based addiction treatment for Spanish-speaking patients needing detoxification and/or intensive rehabilitation.

At VFMC, we believe that linguistic and culturally appropriate substance abuse treatment is essential for recovery, and should be made available for the Latino community. Therefore, El Programa Latino is staffed with bilingual, bicultural nursing personnel and counselors who follow each Spanish-speaking patient from admission to discharge, and have an understanding of the Latino culture. Individual counseling, group therapy, and educational sessions are all conducted in Spanish. All materials including admission paperwork, treatment planning documentation, patient assignments, and program literature have been translated into Spanish and are readily available.

For more information regarding admission to El Programa Latino please contact our Admissions Department at 610-539-8500 or Steve Yetter, Program Director, at 610-539-8525 ext 446.